First things first:

Thank you for being a part of our server family and wanting to help us make things even better. Your purchase here today will help not only us, but the great people that have made all of it possible.

The money that we receive will cover the server cost and any thing left over will be either spent on new add ons to make it more fun, or donated to authors of the addons that we use. We didn't open this server to make money off of it, we opened it because we are players of minecraft too, and so...


to our humble little store. Here we feature things that will make the game more fun. We do go with the new EULA so you won't find anything that goes against it here - not on purpose anyway. If there is something that complies with the rules and you think it would make a great donation perk, let us know. We actually do listen to our community.

So please enjoy our server and thanks again for your contribution.

For those that just happened by:

Our website is:

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See you there,